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    Welcome to
    Oceatekno Indonesia
    I Sea no limit
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    "All-in view" parallel tracking with 66 chanels
    Fast signal acquisition / re - acquisition
    Configurable as RTK base and rover
    Patented multipath rejection
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    Oceatekno Indonesia
    Local Company with World Wide Technologies
    We will provide you with solution
    based on your need.

Training & Rental

PT. Oceatekno Indonesia will provide you with High Quality Training based on your need, handle by expertise instructor. We also provide you with rental solution for our customers

Weather Prediction

PT. Oceatekno Indonesia also take a part for handling weather prediction, cooperating with Prof.Arnold L Gordon , physical oceanographer, an observationalist from Columbia University

Repair and Maintenance

PT. Oceatekno Indonesia can handle your repair request, and do the maintenance schedule for our customers

Offshore Survey Services

PT. Oceatekno Indonesia will handle your Offshore survey research. We work with reliable filed workers from reputable surveyor company

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